• Exhibition United against genocide: Understand, question, prevent
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Exhibition United against genocide: Understand, question, prevent

Preventing genocide

In order to prevent genocides from occurring, it is important to first understand how they unfold. Intervening as soon as the earliest signs appear saves lives. Cooperation between parties can be facilitated, joint projects initiated and pressure for an equal distribution of power can be made.

The UN and certain governments and organizations use a system of “early warnings” issued by observers in the field so as to be able to quickly intervene by providing human, military and legal resources.

Can we help? Yes. Signing petitions, sending letters, protests and awareness-building events exercise a concrete impact on governments and the media.

Genocide prevention is an ongoing challenge. One of the greatest obstacles is the lack of political will of certain states to intervene in other countries. There are efforts to reverse the trend, but there is still much work to be done.

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